no souvenirs for me

I won’t be purchasing any trinkets on my year-long journey, however, I did buy a CD of Irish music for my musician son, Ron, and I have sent it on to him. I travel so light that there isn’t any more room, plus I’m on an extreme budget. I haven’t lost much on the trip: only one gold earring, two towels, and an alarm clock. Not bad for over three months, huh? None of those were too important. Memories, my blog, notes  and photos will be my souvenirs. The one towel I lost came from the Salvation Army store in Reykjavik. I’m going to find another one today.

I’m going to meet Michael, my next couch surfing host later today. Tomorrow, I’m off to my friend and romance writer, Kemberlee Southland and her husband, Peter’s home in Kildare.

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