New job/new roommate/new condo/cats/gardens….!

Now I have to admit that I’m a bit worried on how it’s all going to turn out. Can I keep up with what’s coming? Yes, in the back of my brain, I know it will all turn out okay, but then, why does it wake me up in the middle of the night?

On Thursday, I drive up to Half Moon Bay for a presentation of my year long journey. I’ve been back since April, so hopefully everything will come back to me. Right now, it’s the immediate future that’s getting to me.

My new roommate would like to move into the condo asap, but is willing to wait for me until the 3rd, when the magical social security check is automatically deposited. However, since the weekend falls on payday, I’ll be able to get the funds to move in by the 1st. But I’ve been told a check won’t do, it must be in a certified money order or cashier’s check. Okay, I think I can handle that, by  taking cash out of the ATM and take it to the post office to get a money order. That is solved! I thought of this in my sleep. I haven’t had to get a money order for so many years.

Meanwhile, I’m still house/cat sitting and need to stay in this house until the 17th when the owner comes back from hiking the John Muir trail. The garden needs to be watered everyday, and the cats (spoiled as they are) need fresh water dishes on various parts of the house, and one needs to be lifted up to the bathroom sink so she can drink from the stream of water. The other cat needs to be put into the bathtub so she can drink out of the stream of faucet water. Then they take turns sitting on my lap, or if I’m lying down, on top of me with the ability to stare in my face.

Garbage and recycling day today: did I get the right objects into the right container?

Also, the roommate doesn’t have furniture, and I have just a few accessories in storage, so how will we get the needed accessories to the condo? By the way, I haven’t even seen the condo yet. I’m told it’s nice.

I, not only need to be in the condo office on the 30th, to hand over a money order, I need to see what’s in storage that I can fit into my car. That means taking things out to get to what I need.

On Sept. 8th – my daughter-in-law has invited the family over to celebrate my birthday (Aug 22nd) and Ron’s (Sept 7th).  I’m going to see if I can recruit my sons to help me look into the storage and take some over to the condo after we’ve had a little celebration. That is about one hour away from where they live.

I cannot move into the condo until the gentleman comes back here, however, since the job begins on the 9th, (paper signing on the 4th), I will need to commute from Santa Cruz to Carmel every day until then. But, upon rising, I must water everything, and when I come back at night, make certain the cats are fed, and have an opportunity to sit on my lap and drink from the faucets.

Coming back from my yearlong adventure has been more challenging. Some of the time, I’ve been able to be lazy and read, but most of the time my head is filled with how to do what I’m needing to do, and get it all done. And in between times, I know in my heart that I’m so blessed with friends and relatives who encourage me, and know that I’m very blessed with a new job when jobs are at all time low.

So, I put my head back on my shoulders and get busy with what’s at hand.

Looking back on the year, I could take my time to think through the next adventure, and I really had no responsibilities as I do now and that’s why it seemed easier. Although, there’s no comparison to going through customs in a busy airport. If I can do that, I’ll take it a step at a time.

Wish me luck!

4 Responses to New job/new roommate/new condo/cats/gardens….!

  1. Laureen….we sure do wish you luck !
    Just think back to last year… rode a camel…..slept in the desert…..had strange room mates. What’ s ahead will be a snap!

    • Thanks Paula! I know it will get easier once I move in to the condo. I just had some other glitches due to government paper work. EEEEE gad!

      I have to take all the paper work printed out to take to the orientation. I do not have a printer: it’s in storage. I think Brandon can do that for me when I’m in Half Moon Bay. I hope. And I thought customs were hard.

      I always tell myself: if I can learn to fly a plane then I can do this.

  2. Best of luck, Laureen! You will do it. Once it’s all over you’ll wonder what you were fussing so much about. It sounds like you have a great plan! All the best

    • Thank you Susan. You are an expert in this kind of business. I marvel how you kept busy up to the very last minute until you headed off to Africa.

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