New job news

My new job as volunteer coordinator for Monterey Arts Council officially begins on Sept. 9, however on Sept. 4 everyone is called in to sign papers and get finger printed. The main office is on the campus of CSUMB.

The position is a contract between the Arts Council and Americorps, so I will be officially hired by Americorps but directed by the Arts Council. I received a call yesterday from a woman who helps Americorps folks find housing and to get settled. She also answers questions, and I had many of those.

My job will last for ten months, and at that time I can re-up if I want and I can either stay where I am (if they want me) or move to another part of the U.S. So we’ll know how that goes at the end of my contract.

Meanwhile, I have a place to move into on the CSUMB campus and received a call from a young woman who needs a roommate, not in Sept. but right now. I am not able to abide by that until Sept., so I’m hoping she’ll find something until we can begin together. She will be working for the Girls and Boys club while I’m in the arts.

So, until then, life continues to keep me on the move.

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