New and old ideas


A water fountain in the neighborhood of Echterdingen

Yesterday, on my daily walk around the Echterdingen neighborhood, I stopped and had a huge salad in an Italian restaurant. The building is a refurbished house that was born 450 years ago.



A typical lace covered charming.

Some of the old beams join with new beams that provide modern fortification. On the walls were hanging brightly colored modern art. I love the mix of the old and new.

Today, the daily walk took me toward a different direction and a mission to find the post office. Whenever I get a pile of papers and a books or CD’s, I send them off to my son, Larry, who puts them inside my car. That process is easier that it would be for me to carry it all over the place. After finding an ATM and took more money out of the well, I mailed the package off.

Then, the second mission was to purchase a gift for Andy’s birthday tomorrow. Now here’s something I wish American’s would do. In most stores, when you purchase a gift, a wrapping table is available with paper, scissors, tape and ribbon…all free! Another item I’d like to see done in the states, at least in the City of Soledad: everyone who purchases something either puts it into their own bag, or if they don’t have one, they purchase a plastic one for, from ten to twenty cents.

Wouldn’t that be better than what you see on a field in Soledad? It is littered with plastic bags that glitter in the sunshine. Trash, just trash. And the freeways and highways are also littered with plastic. I have never seen one bag on a street or a freeway in Germany…or any European country.

One more note before I go, little Lucy, Andy and Ilona’s six year old daughter has been sick and in bed the four days I’ve been here. She has been to the doctor once and today one more time. If she isn’t better today, she’ll go to the hospital. I’m hoping we’ll all get the good news that she is recovering.

Before she got too ill, she made this picture for me. Children’s art is the best.


My portrait was painted by Lucy


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  1. Laureen…Window coverings…So pretty !
    The drawing by Lucy…..a very good likeness.
    Saying a special prayer for Lucy…

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