Never stop learning

You never stop learning, I’ve learned! Ingimar loaned me a book and one of the first items I read in the forwarding chapter, was that modern icelanders refer to Vikings as “ravaging plunderers of the period” of Scandinavian voyages of 793-1066. This from the book, “Iceland From Past to Present” by Esbjorn Rosenblad and Rakel Sigurdardottir-Rosenblad. My apologies to any handsome, burly, large men, who I even thought of as Vikings.
One other item I’m learning is how to navigate this blog. I noticed my last blog wasn’t edited.

The sun came out today and will take a long walk to the port and near the Civic Center and the House of Parliament. Nice people journey in and out of this house where I’m living for another three more days.

I will be taking my camera out today!

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  1. I take that as a promise to share some of the sights with us!!

  2. P.S. Do they have the Easter Bunny in Iceland? 🙂

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