My stay is nearing the end

As you may know, the purpose of my stay here in the Koltertaing Pagoda was to immerse myself in Buddhism.

I have made many observations while here that include early morning chanting by the Nuns, followed up by them bringing food to the Monks. After the Monks have been given breakfast the Nuns then eat together.

Nuns chant, as well before lunch in the same ritual; lunch served to the Monks and then the Nuns together again.

Monks never eat after lunch, and therefore, food should never be offered to them after lunch time.

Monks can be seen walking to other neighborhoods with their bowls and it is considered an honor to be someone who offers food to the Monks as continue their walk.

Evening time Monks also chant, and they have meditation and study times, as well during every day.


I have found every Monk I have met to be kind, friendly, and willing to answer all of my questions. They all do seem to be at peace within themselves. Buddhism is a lifetime of study.


I am quoting a paragraph here that sums up the teaching of the Buddha, given to the world more than 2,500 years ago.

This quote is taken from the book, “Pragmatism in Buddhism” by J.P. Pathiran, Published by the Buddhist Cultural Center, 125 Anderson Rd., Nedimala, Dehiwala, Sri Lanka. A Monk graciously loaned me this book.


“His message then may be summed up: that through the understanding of ourselves we may also understand one another and be at peace with all. The problems and the conflicts we are faced within this world are all man-made, are not inherent in the nature of the world or of man, and they can, therefore, be dissolved by man himself. But as long as man is a problem to himself, as long as he has his conflicts within him, as long as he remains the complex he is and refuses to be dissolved in the simple stream of life, all his actions will be resisting his won mature, disturbing his own peace of mind and his peaceful co-existence in the family, society and the world at large.”


Be at peace within yourself; be self-reliant and own self-understanding, so said Buddha.


going back from lunch

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