My son’s birthday marks half a century

He is 50 years old today: My son Ron will mark a half century tomorrow, Sept. 7th.

When Ron was a tiny tot, he was a cute curly headed boy  born with determination. He had a machine gun laugh, and a creative mind from his earliest years.

He could get excited about something and wouldn’t stop until he got what he was after. I saw him save all his money for a bike and then, as a school aged boy, ride in a long bike ride into territory he’d never been in before; by himself. He researched the bike ride and I took him where the ride began the night before, miles away from home. He slept on the city’s library grounds until it was time to wake up and ride.

Ron also wanted to play the drums, and when it came time for the purchase of a drum set, at age nine, he researched the kind he wanted and we somehow, found the money for it.  He took his high hat down the train tracks to a hotel where he jammed with the adult musicians. He was a pre-teen at this time.

The point is, Ron has had tenacity from his early years and it has never stopped.

He often surprises me, but then I realize, that’s just him. He inspires me and makes me want to find the same determination to do the activities that are important to me.

He needs all of our love and attention. I love you Ronald Revere Crocker. You make me proud.

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  1. I too Love you Ron!!!! Happy Birthday 🙂

  2. Laureen…….back in touch…problem fixed !
    Do you have fall color yet ?
    Here , the grapes are hanging heavy…..harvest has started ! Favorite time of the year.
    Lucy spent the afternoon on Wed……we had TEA..proper English style !
    Her kids book is about ready for print….Am looking forward to reading about Winston !
    Wish Ronnie a Happy Birthday for us !

    Paula and Bud

    • Nice to hear from you. Sounds like you’re having fun with Lucy. She’s a nice person. What is the name of her children’s book?

      The area is brilliant green because of the rain. Trees haven’t begun to change yet, but it should begin in a few weeks.

  3. About the drums. When I was in third grade my teacher tossed a coin to decide whether I play the drums or trumpet. Regardless of what happened I DISCOVERED i was playing drums. But, my deepest wish was that I play trumpet and now after all this time have decided to pursue with grace. I think there were too many trumpeters at that time. I have retired from the little big band and am looking for gigs solo on vibraphone which is a metallic instrument which you strike with mallets somewhat like a keyboard. Still percussion. I have purchased 3 trumpets and at any given moment my neighbors can hear me dabbling on. THANKS for all the encouragement on my birthday. Half a century sounds like a long time yet I am going to live a long life. I have longevity.

    • Well, you made very good impressions with your drumming skills/talent. Hope you get up to another great skill on the vibraphone. It takes a lot of practice, huh?

      Have a century, when you’re my age doesn’t seem long at all.

  4. My cornet is a centurion brand name. Must have a herstory past to be remembered for.

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