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For those who are new to my blog, and for some who have asked about the book I have published, here it is: “Too Close to the Sun” – a Dutch boy becomes a man during WWII. It is available on Amazon either in paper or for your Kindle. By Laureen Kruse Diephof

The sale of the books have, and hopefully, will continue to help support my travels. I will publish another book, using much of the blog,  next year when my traveling year comes to an end.

Thank you for reading the blog and for being interested in my book and my travels.



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  1. Laureen….good morning !
    Your pictures are great !
    Hope your book is selling well……..and we await the next one…
    Paula and Bud

  2. Finally finished reading ” To Close To The Sun.” Really enjoyed the reading.
    It’s hard to believe that all happened!! Took a lot of courage to do what he did as a young boy.

    • Hi Larry: So happy you read the book. Tell your friends about it. I could use some sales!

      I’m having an amazing time here in the Orkney Islands, in memory and in honor of Uncle Jack. It’s steeped in history. love you! MOM

  3. I’m ordering my book tonight, and though I took awhile, I still can’t wait to read it.
    I am thrilled with the pictures and the posts I’ve read from the past week.
    The thing that stands out for me is how you have gotten so close to nature, and nature so close to you–watching/being watched by seals, a rabbit, horses and cows.
    Here in the city I don’t see any rabbits, cows, or horses, though the seals are around, and birds–I so enjoy reading about the birds you see and sometimes wonder, since they do migrate so far and wide, if maybe someday I am looking at a bird you saw. You never know.

    Lovely is a lovely word, and I have been more conscious of just blowing our “no problem,” when what I really mean is “you’re welcome.”

    Thank you for everything.

    Happy belated birthday, my fabulous, inspiring, wonderful cousin.

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