Murphy’s law

The title Murphy’s law  gives the kind of day I had today. It’s an adventure, I often told myself even though I got lost, my legs were burning in pain, and I had to hire a taxi. Now I’ll have to figure out a way to recoup the day’s expense.

It’s Sunday and supposedly lots of stores would be closed, I thought including the shopping mall, but I didn’t have any krona left, and barely enough change to get downtown, so I asked the hostel receptionist where to catch the bus, so I could get to an ATM machine (the money wall).  “Take number one,” she said and half way apologized for the distance it would take to walk. At the chosen bus stop I waited for one half an hour and stopped a red headed woman with a runny nose if I was waiting at the right bus stop. “Oh, no, here, I’ll walk with you and show you where you must wait.” We turned and went another way.

Another half an hour went by, and I kept asking people  if it was a sure thing that buses run on Sunday. “Yes, it will come in fifteen minutes,” a young guy on a skate board said. He came back fifteen minutes and I was still there. Then a really large guy said he knew they ran on Sunday, but wasn’t sure of the schedule. “I haven’t been on a bus for forty years,” he laughed.

A man who left his apartment near the bus stop went across the street to the recycling bin. When he was asked his comment was, “It says here it should be here soon.” he pointed to the schedule.

Then a young couple – students of Icelandic University – told me I should go to the other stop (remember, that was the one the runny nose lady told me was wrong). “It will be here in 45 minutes.”

The nice young couple came back and offered me a ride down town, and when they dropped me off, they told me where to wait for the return bus, with three options. So I opted for the first one and it took me to the shopping mall, which was opened. Dang, I could have walked there first. So I went into the mall and reminded myself to mention that all major stores in Iceland have wrapping stations with free paper and ribbon.

When I left the shopping center, I got lost, and my legs were hurting. So, I saw two guys standing by a building and asked if one of them would call a taxi. Turns out they are radio guys and were on a break from being on air. When I told Asi Gudna of FM 95.7 my name was Laureen, he had the name mixed up with the Swedish Lorene who won Europa 2012 competition.

After that was straightened out he talked about his job. “Last night we were at the Harpa Hall recording a music awards show that Jon Johnsson won for male vocalist of the year. You can find him on YouTube,” he told me. Then he had to hurry off for radio duties while I waited for the taxi. After a miserable and painful wait, and no place to sit, a man came rushing to me. “Did you want  a taxi?” I was waiting at the back of the building while he was waiting in the front with the meter running. He had seen me earlier on the wrong place and figured I was the rider.

So I got the expensive taxi ride, and when I arrived at the Capital Inn, when I told the Inn’s host that I had gotten lost and took a taxi back, his comment was profoundly disturbing.

“Why didn’t you just call here? We would have picked you up for free.”


3 Responses to Murphy’s law

  1. Carla Hamelin

    Laureen, that was a crazy day for sure…I was already tired for you with walking through the mall….LOL! Take a few days off to rest! 🙂

  2. Beverly Willitts

    Boy, you sure had a day. You are probably glad they aren’t all like that.
    Quite the experiences you are having.

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