Moving on

Today in our weekly AmeriCorps meeting, where all the participants are the age of, not my kids, but my grandkids, a PeaceCorps recruiter spoke to us.

He talked about how great it is, and how easy it is to apply, although there’s a lot to it, and then all about his position in the back country of Panama.

It all sounded so glorious, but I had to burst his bubble. I told him that I applied for the PeaceCorps, and was told my position would be in the Philippines, and even the area I would serve.

So, I told him that when I got finished with all the paperwork and the letters of recommendation – for me, which included a congressman – I underwent the medical part of the application. This would be the final part and then I would leave for the post.

I was denied due to some issues with my heart, that medicine takes care of. I was disappointed beyond belief. My doctors sent letters of support, but to no avail.

After this, I have traveled to Panama twice, France, Germany, Iceland and the Faroe Islands.

Then, just two years ago I traveled the world…alone. And, I told the recruiter that I was denied the PeaceCorps five years ago and look…I’m still alive.

I asked him why the health process wasn’t done earlier so I wouldn’t have needed to continue on with the mountain of paper-work requirements?

I also asked him why couldn’t they have sent me somewhere else, like a big city where medicine would be available? By the way, everywhere I have been in the world, medicine has been available.

Well, he didn’t have answers that satisfied me, and I’ll never be satisfied with the end result.

However, I have other dreams that have far surpassed that one, and I have given up being disappointed and have moved on. Moving on seems to be a theme of my life.

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