Moving along

My ankle is getting better everyday, and the knee is back to it’s regular pain, so I’m ready to get out and get moving.

Debby, my daughter-in-law has arranged a massage for me from someone everyone says is ‘great’. That is for this afternoon.

On Friday, I’ll meet up with some of my writer friends – all women – for a ‘ladies night out’. We’ll meet up at Bocci’s Cellar in Santa Cruz where my son, Ronnie plays drums in The Little Big Band. There will be dancing, and I’ll watch from a seat with my leg resting on another chair. It’s going to be FUN.

Then, I’m going to stay all night in Ronnie’s apartment, and the next day, I’ll begin ten days of house sitting in Felton. The house, and especially the gardens is a creative wonder. My long time friend, Marilyn – a poet, artist, photographer, story teller – is known for her creativity. I’m anxious to see what she has done in her Victorian house and the gardens. They are not the usual Victorian gardens, however, so I’m in store for some surprises.

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  1. Paula and Bud

    Laureen… must be in Felton now..Hope you will tell us about the place….pictures would be nice ….
    Have you had any more speaking dates ?
    It is hot and the apricots are calling me. I will freeze them now and jam them later when it cools off.
    Stay well… your step…

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