Moving again

Yes, I’ll be moving again, and this time for a long time, hopefully.

I found a cottage up in the hills of Aromas. Aromas is east of Watsonville and west of Hollister and San Juan Batista. It’s on the property of the landlords who live in the big house. Another couple lives in the other cottage.

The cottage is a large studio with a new refrigerator and stove, and a carport. Besides that, and best of all, there is a water tight storage shed for my use.

I’m going to save money here in the long run, but at first there will be a bit of an investment in furniture.

I’m so happy that I’ll be able to have my own ‘things’ around me, such as artwork and some items from my travels. I have given much away, and will continue to do so. My aim is to eventually live small. I’ve learned that it’s best to use what you have and to appreciate it.

I will need to invest in WiFi at the cottage so I can continue my work on getting this yearlong journey published.



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