Moved my ‘stuff’

I am so proud of my sons and grandchildren.

All three sons and a grandson helped me move my ‘stuff’ to the storage unit. I say they helped me but that’s an exaggeration. They did the work while I just told them what to take.

They thought all of it was put into the truck and the next stop would only be to take it out of the truck and put it in the storage unit. They were surprised when I opened the door to the unit and lo and behold, it was already nearly full.

But just like putting a puzzle together, they got all of the ‘stuff’ into the unit with no problem.

They did it with humor, too. That’s my boys!

We all went for early dinner at Daddy’s Diner, where the food was great, as usual.

That part of my adventure is finished. I’m sitting in a motel where I’ll be tomorrow as well. I never watch TV, but here I am watching CNN.

Life is good. I’m so proud of those young men called sons and grandsons.

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