More Cambodian rules at the Wat

The Wat is where the monks practice Buddhist traditions and I’m learning about the rules of behavior at the Wat. Women must never touch a monk, and no one should show affection in public…no goodbye hugs.

Give monks the right of way and bow your head slightly as they pass. Passing items to a monk, you use two hands and bow. Don’t talk over someone’s head and never throw things to people. Do not leave books on the floor and do not sit on a desk or table.

Monks should always be positioned higher than lay people. If a monk is seated, you must sit first before starting a conversation.

There are more, but now I’m looking at teaching ideas. It is requested that I take photos of my family and where I live and surrounding areas with me. I think, since most of my photos are in storage, I’ll ask my family for photos and I can get post cards of the Monterey area.  I need to purchase some educational tools, and one of those will be a book of paper dolls so I can help the students to  name body parts and clothing.

It’s all starting to look like fun and I’m getting excited to get started.

There is still a lot to do here, however.

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