Moe and Joe

When I’m in the city and look toward the mountains, I can see people walking on the trails. There are several walking clubs composed of people who love to be outdoors and walking in nature. But millions of people seem to take to the city for all the cultural opportunities during the festival.

I’m now staying a few miles away from the heart of the city, which includes the Royal Mile.  Yesterday I took the long walk into town to catch a ‘hop on hop off’ bus to see and hear what I have actually already seen from Moe and Joe (left foot, right foot). But the bus ride was just the rest Moe and Joe needed to feel like walking back to the hotel again. I left the more expensive place to a cheaper place earlier in the day. I pulled my small rolling suitcase with a stuffed bag on top of it over cobble stones. I carried my heavy computer, camera and billfold bag in my other hand. I intended to walk all the way but opted for a taxi after a few blocks.

The taxi driver made me laugh all the way to the Pollack Halls, by first telling me he had never heard of that place. He thought that would be funny when he saw the frustration written on my face, sore hands and stooped over to adjust the bags for the umpteenth time.

Just try to roll anything over cobble stones!

He drove me, laughing all the way, to the student hall that is rented out to tourists during the summer months.

The single room is nicer than the first place and less expensive, however, it has financial drawbacks because of the distance to town. So you get what you pay for, as the saying goes.

Pollack Halls is next door to the nineteenth century St. Leonard’s Hall, near the main peak on Holyrood Park. The hall, a mansion, is now used for group meetings and events.

The city is beautiful with many historical sites, but as I said, it is crowded, and not easy to get around in.  Meanwhile, it’s Sunday, and perhaps a good day to explore the area close to me, with a Monday goal to at least see the inside of the castle. I leave the next day.

The people, both tourists and Edinburgh citizens, including the staff at the hotel, have been generous with their help in giving directions. Below is the Leonard’s Hall.

By the way, the yellow fruit in the photo is called physalis, and is a Chinese gooseberry. I first saw these in Iceland and wondered what they were. My friend Paula was close when she thought they must be a gooseberry. They don’t look anything like the gooseberries I used to pick in my backyard in Denver.  The photo above, is just one of many sites along the walk to the city.

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