Missing flea market and powerful women

Yesterday seems like a long time ago.

Marilyn and I were good tourists and covered a lot of ground in what is known as the Museum Island.

Today, we also covered some ground, but with a different mission, and one which got us lost. We’re back inside the hotel now and it is 9:20 p.m., past bedtime, but cannot hit the feather pillows until I write this blog.

So here is how we spent the day yesterday:

Museum Island in Berlin is listed in UNESCO of the World Heritage Sites and houses the Old Museum, The New Museum, the Old National Gallery, the Bode Museum and the Pergamon Museum.

We decided that in one day we would take least two of those on, and we chose the Old Museum with Greek and Roman artifacts and sculptures and the Old National Gallery that features art of the masters.

Marilyn, the navigator did the research to get us to the Old Museum, and with a little bit confusion, we found the Old National Gallery.


I am always amazed, when viewing the evidence of the Greeks early ingenuity, the creativity and the skill in the smoothly sculptured mythical figures and the busts of their statesmen and philosophers.

Just one of many sculptures in the Old Museum

They were far ahead of their time, and we, in our modern culture has them to thank. The Greeks lent their artistic talents to the Italians and gave us equal beauty from Rome.

In this museum we, not only enjoyed the sculptures but some of the artifacts in jewelry, tools and pottery from before the birth of Christ.

I liked the room that demonstrated the power given to women and Marilyn and I especially liked the sculpture of the “Wounded Amazon”. Power to the women!!

The Wounded Amazon

After we went through the Old Museum, and while trying to find the Old National Gallery, we stopped, regrouped and had a typical German snack – cake.

We walked around in the cold air, asking for information and while on the way to the National Gallery, we found a ticket kiosk where Marilyn purchased tickets to the opera, La Boheme for Christmas Day. She surprised me by telling me my ticket would be my Christmas present. What a friend.

My favorite painter Max Lieberman in the Old National Gallery

We also found the Old National Gallery with old master artists’ work plentiful and we spent lots of time marveling over what we saw and experienced. Marilyn, when I told her my favorite was the Dutch painter Max Lieberman, told me I was prejudiced. Sure, I am; but the Dutch are renowned artists and deserve the credit.


Today the air was even colder and snow fell softly down to fill the ground with about two inches of snow.

We were headed for the flea market but got lost, and therefore, we had lunch on the top floor of a department store in a different shopping center than where we have been previously. Getting lost gives you opportunity to see and learn more about the city and country, so I never mind that.

We found Santa in a department store dressed in blue and white

Then we decided to see a movie and headed on a bus and a tram, and got lost again, but finally found our way to the movie, Anna Karina. We both thought the movie was creative and compelling, and encourage you to see it.

On the way back to the hotel, since I haven’t done quite as much walking as previous days, I made a comment that three out of four of my usual pains are not painful. I still have a sore arm from carrying the suitcases up the staircase, and hope that by the time I leave, it will have improved.

12 Responses to Missing flea market and powerful women

  1. Laureen….what an interesting day !
    I have some.questions about some of the sculptures…..will save for when you come back……..if I can remember them !
    Great picture of the blue and white Santa !

  2. Laureen and Marilyn……

    From our house to where ever you are….
    We are wishing you a special blessed Christmas….

    Paula, Bud, Mary and Sarah

    • Bud, Paula, Mary and Sarah,

      ‘still in Berlin. Yesterday I spent a lot of time getting a ticket to Prague where I’ll be for a few days. I love architecture and that is supposed to be the best. Then, back to Germany where I’ll see a friend and then a nephew.

  3. Sumi Sevilla Haru

    Love the Santa!

    • Hi Sumi,

      Couldn’t resist a photo of that guy. I’m so happy you’ll see your daughters for Christmas.

      Is your book on ebooks? I couldn’t find it. Maybe I don’t have the right name. I would like to read it while I’m gone, and then, at some point get an autographed copy. Can you believe this? I don’t even have one of my own books? Merry Christmas, Friend!!!

  4. Laureen, I hope you and Marilyn have a beautiful Christmas!

    Anna Mae

    • Anna Mae,

      Thank you and I hope you have a good day tomorrow, as well.

      I hope you are quilting up a storm (well, not a storm), but many beautiful works of art.


  5. laureen,
    its a rainy christmas here in soledad
    feliz navidad

    • Anne: Thank you! It’s cold here, however, warmer today than yesterday. It would have been easy to slip on the ice, but I didn’t…yea!

      Merry Christmas, Anne!


  6. Sumi Sevilla Haru

    You’ll love Prague! One of my favorite cities.

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