Michael/grandma bragging rights

Hi Folks!!!

Here I am, a grandmother with bragging privileges.

Michael Crocker graduates soon from Luther College and will set up a video business. He needs equipment to get started and his professor suggested a way for him to make some money. He has the skills to video edit, or put photos together in a creative keepsake, and other skills related to video production.

So, if you have any projects you can think of that would help him reach his goal of $3,000 I would grandly appreciate it. Donations are also welcomed.

It’s tough on graduates these days, with college debt upon graduating but wanting to get on with life and use newly acquired  skills.

Michael worked throughout his four years of college making videos for college events and helped a friend with his non-profit organization.

Michael’s on his way to continue through life as a productive citizen, and I’m so proud of him.


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