Memories begin in Den Haag

I’m in the land of memories. Memories of Den Haag, when my husband Will (Wim in Holland) lived here back in 1999.

I took a few minutes and walked down a busy street, crossed over it, and then back again right during the heavy traffic time. People are ready to get home after putting in a days work; and it’s been hailing.

Going home traffic in Den Haag

I found some of my favorite sites; Dutch windows with lacy curtains, cats watching the world from their houses, and stained glass windows.




He's not too happy to have his privacy interrupted

Renzo, Diet and I drove from Oss last night to the home of Yayah and Mike (their son). I was amazed this morning to see Yayah, who from now on will be known in my heart as Wonder Woman. They say it’s quite normal for other young mothers to do what she does. I’m still amazed.

just thought it was pretty

She got up at the crack of dawn, got breakfast for her two older daughters, took them to school on a bicycle, nursed her eight month old baby, and then road her bicycle to the train station, left her bicycle there, got on a train, got off the train, got on another bicycle and went to work for eight hours.

She’ll do the return trip in the same way; then take care of her daughters, husband and then start it all over again tomorrow.

Once a month Renzo and Diet share in her duties, as they fulfill their love of spending time with the granddaughters.

They picked up the older girls from school and took care of the little one during the day.  And their lives are normal for busy Dutch cities. On my walk, I saw people on bicycles everywhere,  young, middle aged and very old people ride everywhere; it’s normal, I keep hearing.

I’m going to be in Holland until the end of this month; so there are many memories to follow.

Oma Diet with her grand baby.

The street where I'm staying.

6 Responses to Memories begin in Den Haag

  1. Hi Laureen,

    After visiting us in Arnhem last week, it is great to see that you enjoy the city where I was born and raised The Hague.
    If you can, try to visit the Binnenhof and the Ridderzaal (guided tours) and eat in the best Indonesian restaurant of The Hague, “Garoeda” at the Kneuterdijk 18a.


  2. Laureen….really enjoying our tour of Holland…via YOU !
    All your photos are great…….Especially the sweet picture of Oma and grand child.
    Paula and Bud

  3. Thanks for the compliments Laureen! But I wouldn’t be a “wonder woman” if I didn’t have a “super man” :-). Welcome to The Hague, hope you will have a pleasant stay here!

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