May Day Bobby’s Birthday

It’s May Day, and are you going to dance around the May Pole? It’s also an important day because it is Bobby’s birthday, my grandson, the ball player.

May Day is important to me  because it is an awesome person’s birthday but the day has a special importance from childhood memories.

My mother made corsages from flowers in the yard and put them on a paper doily for me to wear to grade school.

But, when I was younger than that, she would make a cone shaped paper vase for flowers. It would have a ribbon handle. My job would be to go into my back yard, over the alley, and open the white fence gate  to Mr and Mrs. Spenser’s yard. I then would hang the paper vase and flowers on their doorknob, knock and run back home.

In my young mind, they never knew who left the flowers on May Day.

Mr. Spenser had two white goats; one was named Laureen and the other, Jack. I learned to like goat milk. Mr. Spsnser had a fly swatter and told me he used it on his wife when she ate too much chocolate. I believed him and felt sorry for Mrs. Spenser, especially when he smiled as he told me that. I looked at Mrs. Spenser with sorrow. She smiled back.

I was proud to have something named after me.

Mr. Spenser also saved my life one day when the big rooster ran after me. I screamed and heard Mr. Spenser yelling at me, “kick him. kick him. kick him.”

I only wanted to get in the house.

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