Marketing and Wat do’s and don’ts



From yesterday’s tour of the royal palace.

Today, Sophak, my teacher and guide, went over the Khmer pronunciation of words. Sometimes I thought that my mouth just wouldn’t do what it was supposed to do, but it’s not me to give up. I’ll keep trying.

After the language lesson, Sophak and I boarded a tuk tuk and headed to the old market.

If you have eye contact with a seller, you’re sure to get railroaded into their stall, and if you stop for a second, you’re hooked. This happened to me this morning. Sophak said the sellers will make better deals in the morning because when they sell something it brings good luck for the rest of the day.

Well, the handsome and charismatic young seller had me wrapped around his fingers, and I got a ‘deal’ but didn’t stop looking. He laughed. I laughed. Sophak laughed. I bought more. Sophak bought something and we finally got away.

I like what I have purchased and pleased with the ‘deal’. Sophak said it was good, so I believe him.

We also stopped at a pepper shop. I heard from the professors who I eat breakfast with that Cambodian pepper is widely known. It comes from the foot of the Cardamon mountains. There were pepper sorters in one room of the Kuratapepper Company – the website: will tell you all about it.


A little bit of coconut juice quenches the thirst.

fjox say

Cute girl in the market.


Pepper sorters

Sophak and I got back on the waiting tuk tuk for the ride back to the hotel. We then went over the Wat Do’s and Don’ts and all the proper etiquette I’ll soon need.

On Thursday, I’ll be at the Wat Koltertaing and not near a wifi, so my postings will not be visible until July 25th when I venture on to Viet Nam. No doubt I’ll find wifi there. However, if it’s possible to get to a wifi sometime during the Wat stay, I will.


Street scene.

So, see you tomorrow right here.

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