Marilyn’s gardens and twirling rainbows

IMG_0684IMG_0682There are so many interesting corners of Marilyn’s gardens that I cannot get them all in one shot. But the two I posted here may show a tiny bit of her creativity.

I took the photos in the early morning sun. Well, not that early, as I slept until 8:45 a.m. That’s about three hours later than Marilyn sleeps. She rose at 5:30 a.m. and deep watered everything on Sunday morning before she left for her one week away. So everything is still damp, but I’ll get on it tonight when it’s not so hot.

After taking the photos, I headed over to the coffee shop to post the photos and to write a bit here. I got in trouble when the computer wouldn’t shut down after I tried to download eight photos. It was downloading 400 of them! I tried to cancel them, but the computer said no, and instead, sent that circular rainbow ball!

Eventually, I did get it shut down and now I’m back in the wifi coffee shop where the folks are very accommodating to those who need the internet.



4 Responses to Marilyn’s gardens and twirling rainbows

  1. Lovely! Enjoy.

  2. I Love Felton. It must be something in the air. Travel often, travel light.

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