My good friend Marilyn is visiting me from Colorado. We were neighbors at 8,000 feet up in the mountains in Vallecito many years ago. She still lives there.

We have traveled a lot together, beginning back a few years when we visited my pilot instructor  in the Faroe Islands. Then we met again in France when we visited mutual friends, who were also from Colorado. 

Last year at Christmas time,Marilyn and I met again in Berlin, Germany and together we  saw Berlin through New Years eve at the Brandenburg Gate.

Today, I showed Marilyn the Monterey Wharf and the quaint town of Pacific Grove, then we came home and had a large, healthy salad.

My friend Marilyn is a dynamic woman who can do just about everything: she plays several instruments, quilts, instructs tai chi, is a pilot, a singer in a women’s barbershop quartet, was a tech consultant, and takes care of her house high in the mountains. And, believe me, that isn’t easy in the winter time.

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