Marilyn Monroe and myself

Marilyn Monroe was the first Queen of the Artichoke festival in Castroville many years ago. She was a starlet and in the beginning of her movie career.

Now, years later, Castroville still  thrives on artichoke business; artichokes are canned, pickled, leaves slathered in butter and scraped off with your teeth and more.  But my favorites are fried hearts. They are put into a batter and deep fried. So delicious. I get some most every time I go up north to visit my family in Santa Cruz,  Half Moon Bay and Aromas. Castroville, is a tiny bit off the main freeway if you want to stay on highway one, but it’s not far and worth it for the artichoke treats.

My next big event for recruiting volunteers is the Artichoke Festival that will be held in the Monterey Fairgrounds for three days in May. I’ll need around 15 hard working folks, but that number isn’t difficult.

Now back to Marilyn Monroe: remember the movie, the Seven Year Itch? The same year Marilyn Monroe died, was the same year I played that role on the Tracy Community Little Theater stage.  She became a star and I became a lover of artichokes.

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  1. Laureen…….YOU….a lover of artichokes………and in our book , also a STAR!!
    Paula and Bud

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