Mare Island

I drove Marilyn up to Vallejo to her sister and brother-in-laws home yesterday, and they gave me a historical tour of the city and Mare Island.

Mare Island was once a Navy station, and now it is nearly disserted. There is one small university there and some business here and there, but what amazes me are the large homes left vacant.

The homes, that remind me of “Gone With the Wind” , were officers quarters. They are quite large and beautifully landscaped…and empty. It’s pretty much a ghost town there.

I was also showed some of the early Victorian homes built in the city that are equally beautiful, but are lived in.

During my many trips to Sacramento, I’d drive by Vallejo and always wonder what the city looks like…that city down below next to a harbor.

My curiosity has been satisfied, but I still wonder what will happen to those gorgeous houses. And then there are also many warehouses and other institution-like buildings going empty. And in a climate where homelessness runs rampant.


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