Macroom Angels

Dermot and Tine O’Hare are the next angels in my travels. They live high on a hill in the beautiful and quaint town of Macroom.

I went into town today and found a sweet shop. Candy is made the old fashioned way and sold the same. You walk in and order the quantity you want. It is weighed, put into a bag, and you walk out with a smile on your face.

Tine and I walked to the Denesne Castle and near the beautiful Sullane River next to the Castle grounds. Above us was an old stone bridge.

We found an internet cafe and while Tine went to visit a friend, Dermot kept the soup hot for us.

He is a fabulous cook, and even seems to enjoy it.

Yesterday he made a salad with pomegranate seeds, finely diced tomatoes and onions, mixed together and served on a plate with radishes, cucumbers and on a bed of greens.


Later, he served a dish of rice with chicken and two colors of bell peppers.

The man can do anything. I was convinced of that when he pointed out the two couches in the living room were reupholstered. He did that, as well.

Nice people and I’m have fun.

Demesne Castle in Macroom

2 Responses to Macroom Angels

  1. Macroom- a town that never reared a fool

  2. Hi Mick,
    You are dead right. Although I, myself, am Dutch I truly believe that no fools are reared here. The people here themselves told me that!!!

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