Lunching with an old friend

About six months after I returned from Costa Rica, in 2005, and into my old job as reporter for the South County Newspapers, a young man was hired to report for the King City Rustler. I couldn’t have imagined then that Marc LeBlanc and I would be sitting in a restaurant in Berlin, enjoying German food, six years later.

But there I was and there he was sitting opposite me. His  assistant Natalie, sat next to him, and next to me, my friend, visiting me from Colorado was Marilyn gallery building from the 1880s has been restored  and right now is showing the work of Paul Cowan, Fergus Feehily, Hans-Jorg Mayer and Bernard Piffaretti.

It was a learning experience to hear the extent of work a gallery manager has to accomplish for a successful showing.

Marc left King City and attended an art college in San Francisco where he studied art gallery management, and later had an intern position in Japan.

Marc is practically fluent now in German and I must say he looked good and it was really fun to connect with him again.


Marc and his assistant Natalie in Berlin

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