Luncheon honors me

“Let’s go honor me. “ That was my funny line today when it was time for three of us in the office to head down to Pacific Grove for a lunch.

It was a lunch at Vecchios that the office folks had for my going away tribute.

Vecchios is an Italian restaurant with a daily menu of one item. Today it was spaghetti and meat balls. Every day there is a huge green salad with a great dressing.

Everyone gets the same food.

What an easy way to run a restaurant. But it doesn’t look easy as the place is always packed. It’s a rustic interior with non-matching chairs that look as though they have been sitting outside in someone’s garden in the rain. But the atmosphere is fun and the food outstanding.

It was fun to be relaxed and a lovely way to end my term at the Arts Council. My only wish is that I could have spent the entire 10 months only at the Arts Council. AmeriCorps will not place anyone at First Night next year.

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