Lunch today honors an incredible woman

The Executive Director of the Arts Council of Monterey County, Paulette Lynch, has served in that capacity for ten years. The staff celebrated her ten successful years at lunch today.

Paulette is quietly powerful with new ideas and a way to make things happen. She is an expert at delegating work and is always positive. I’ve never heard a negative word out of her.

The biggest thing I’ve  learned from her is all about how to approach competition. That used to scare me until I met Paulette. She has a firm believe that she puts into practice every day, and that is, instead of competing with agencies who are doing the same thing, partner with them instead.This way, more people can be reached.  She wants to reach more people, especially children, and underserved areas with more art programs.

Arts are the answer is the logo, and I believe, now , that I’ve seen that in action, it holds a lot of truth.

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