Lost and found

I lost a few things on my yearlong journey, and I also left a trail of clothing items I no longer needed. These were placed on park benches or just left in hotels/hostels.

Sometimes I watched and it took just a few minutes for someone to snag a bag of something on a bench.  In Spain it was a pair of pants that were too big, and in Holland I left my boots. In another airport, I left a rain coat. I sacrificed it because my luggage weighed too much. Many places I dropped a book somewhere that I had finished reading.

In Turkey, I gave away a Turkish/English dictionary, a t-shirt and some cosmetics to a fellow American.

In Dublin, I left another pair of pants that were too big. These I left in a hostel. There was so many items of clothing laying around from other people, that I assume the pants weren’t discovered as left by someone for a very long time.

I lost a vest, I think in a taxi. I also lost a small notebook.  But nothing of extreme importance was lost; for example: passport, wallet, tickets, etc. So what I did lose didn’t really matter until…

For the entire time of the journey and up until about one month ago, I wore a little globe on a chain.  It wasn’t a good luck piece, but it did remind me of the journey I was on. I searched, traced my path, made phone calls. It was gone.

Ronnie called me last night with the news that he had found my globe. It was trapped near the bed and a nightstand. The jeweler in Holland, who fixed it for me when it was broken, told me to take it off every night, to keep it from breaking again.

So the world goes ’round and ’round. I’ll pick it up and continue to wear it.


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  1. Paula and Bud

    Hey,World Traveler………so glad you found your Globe !

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