Lost again, but pre-emptied the queen

Got lost again but not as bad as yesterday. When you’re lost but not in a hurry, it gives you a chance to reflect. I have found that every person I asked about what bus to get on, where to get off, what path to take to get back to my hostel, I received a different answer. Some were adamant about their clarity, while other folks just said, “I think you want to…”

It made me wonder: If someone asked me about bus transportation in the towns where I have lived: Aptos, Monterey, Gonzales and Soledad, would I know the answer? Of course not, would you?

So they’re off the hook.

I wanted to go into the main part of Reykjavik and head to the harbor, and got on the bus I was told would take me there. It did, but what should have taken 15 minutes took more like over an hour, because I boarded on the wrong side of the street.

The bus driver was typically Icelandic-friendly, and made certain that I understood exactly how to get  back. Then he even explained some of the terrain we were on at another city that is called ‘Harbor Town” in English or nicknamed “Lava Town.”

Housing was going up a few years ago, but abruptly stopped in 2008 when the country went broke. And recently it began again. When I saw the town about seven weeks ago, there was some development going on, and I found it fascinating how the lava rocks were used for landscaping purposes, and the houses matched in color with the choice of stone and cement used. Today, the scene was quite different; many houses are finished, and many more almost ready to accept new ownership.

The government made loans to accomplish the finished housing product. It’s an interesting site, with lava pathways and lava rocks all around the village.

And to change the subject, the bus driver told me the Capital Inn where I’m staying for one more week, is known as ‘between life and death’. That’s because it sits between a cemetery and the fast traffic of the freeway.

I walked through the cemetery and was impressed with the beauty. Green grass and many bulb-type flowers, tulips, jonquils, poppies, and other flowers give the cemetery a cheerful looking beautiful garden.

Another thing I like about Iceland is that people hang their clothing out on a line outdoors. Nothing like sleeping in sheets that have that fresh outdoors smell.

Also I have noticed in all towns, there are small trash cans placed on light poles in many places on every street. You don’t see trash anywhere.

I found the Harbor and noticed many yachts, ships and even a sail boat, and walked around the harbor neighborhood. I didn’t take my camera with me today on purpose, as I wanted to totally experience the walk without the burden of a camera. So you’ll see just one funny shot  in here that was taken the other day.

By the way, the interview with me when I was in the Arctic Circle was shown on Icelandic National TV tonight, and while I couldn’t hear it very well, because people were in the dinning room making noise, it was fun to see my answers written in Icelandic language. The kind person in charge of the Inn pre-emptied the Queen’s Jubilee party so I could watch myself.

Sorry,  Queen.



7 Responses to Lost again, but pre-emptied the queen

  1. Laureen, can you talk about the 1 photo of the guy with the tie? Do you know anything about it’s purpose?

    I’m glad you got a chance to see yourself on TV. How exciting is that!

    • Hi Anna Mae,

      Reykjavik has many artistic murals, some of which have been commissioned by art patrons. I just assume this is one of those. It’sjust on a side wall in the shopping district. Funny isn’t it?

  2. Carla Hamelin

    Hi Laureen,

    I usually have my camera in my purse….never know when something might give way to a photo op….but then it is also nice to not have it along. It’s funny how your asking how to get somewhere can have numerous answers though can turn out to be an adventurous time…possibly leading to an interesting discovery! 🙂

  3. Hi Anna Mae,

    The mural is on the side wall of “Verslun Guðsteins Eyjólfssonar”, a shop for men’s clothes that has been in business for almost a century. I think it is a very nice ad for a very nice shop.

  4. Thanks, Solveig, for responding to my curiosity. I’m feeling more and more like on the trip with Laureen!

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