Looking for people to do things for free

Volunteerism isn’t as popular as I thought in the U.S. Of course it depends on  the event, I suppose.

If it is a big popular event where tickets are expensive or at a premium,  people want to get involved. But for smaller events it’s like being a salesperson.

Salespeople call on a number of people to get one buyer, and that’s the way it is with lining up volunteers.

I was impressed with the folks I stayed with in Holland. Both were volunteers. One drove a bus to take older people to events, and the other picked up folks who were in the process of becoming  citizens of Holland. The latter one told me that Holland couldn’t make it without volunteers.

I remember my father, at age 85, in Colorado, driving his car to take meals to old people, some younger than he.

I have been impressed with the folks that I have lined up to volunteer. They have all taken the work seriously and are dependable. I cherish them.

Are you a volunteer?


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