Almost found a home where I would live among the gnomes and fairies. Alas, it was not to happen

I’ve been looking everywhere, but mostly on Craigslist for a place to call home.

What I have found within my budget, begins with a necessary need to share a place. Not perfect, but I’ll start there.

The first place was near Santa Cruz, and the house was nice, but the driveway was a steep grade, and not easy to get to, or get down from, but I could learn to do that. However, the available bedroom was very small, and I would have had to share the bathroom with two other people. The shared space: living room and kitchen were a mess, and the only storage room in the basement was nearly full.

The second place caused me to fantasize how wonderful and quaint it would be to live in a place with the name Emerald Valley in it. I drove, drove, drove, through the big trees, and more trees, to the top of the grade, and then down a twisty road, where I swear I saw gnomes and fairies darting among the trees and shrubs.

I was nearly laughing with joy for my new-found home.

The air smelled good, too. But, alas, the room was small enough for the gnome I imagined, no storage possibilities, and a questionable couple to live with. I wasn’t shown any other part of the house, so I assumed, their purpose was only to get the room rented.

I have heard of other places, and I will go see more before I make a decision. So far, I haven’t seen anything to fit my needs and budget.

It isn’t an easy challenge, but I’m still positive that it is there somewhere.

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