Looking for a place is harder than traveling the world

My headline up there says it all!

Looking for a place and the turmoil it causes one, makes traveling the world easy.

What an education it is nowadays, to find an apartment.

Every time I find a nice place and make the appointment to look at it, I’m joined with several other people; all vying for the same empty space. Yesterday, I helped a young woman get her wheel chair out of her car, so she could complete with me for an apartment, I had hopes for. Then when we met the manager, we were joined by two other couples, and one other person. The place would be perfect for me, and I’m sure it would be for the lovely young woman in the wheel chair.

Then, I got excited to find an ad on Craigslist that looked too good to be true. A three bedroom house, owned by someone who wanted it taken good care of until he returned from a year long job in another state. I fell for it and went to look at the house. An agent inside informed me the ad was a hoax. Sad.

Then another place I had my eye on, and had an appointment, also ended with a big zero. I waited at the appointed hour, and no one showed up, so I called the agent and asked what happened. She told me that no one was scheduled that day. She didn’t inform me that the showing was for the next day. I called back and asked if the showing was for the following day. Yes, she said. You only asked if it was shown today. Duh, why couldn’t she have just mentioned that I had the wrong day. She had my name?

Then other places that I can afford were either already taken or substandard.

So I looked at Craigslist again late last night and found a room with it’s own private garden patio. It seems perfect for me and I’ve already spoken to the woman who lives there and she seems very nice, and seems to like me, as well.

So, we’ll see how it goes. I really want an apartment to myself, but if this works out, I’ll be happy.

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