Little things and great big beds mean a lot

I’m no longer on a rollaway bed. I bought a queen size firm mattress, box set and had it all set up for tonight. The gentleman who sold it to me said the driver wouldn’t be working any more this day, so he brought it to me and installed it himself.

Now just a little dresser and a night stand and I’ll be good.

Americorps folks have had several training sessions this week and one more on Friday, which is a tour.

Americorps is an interesting organization and I’m happy to be a part of it.
Tomorrow I go to the organization called First Night Monterey. That title is self explanatory, but this agency does more than organize the first night of the year. It  also organizes the annual fiesta in the town of Greenfield, and my job will be to get lots and lots of volunteers to help out at the many stations, that will be set up on the main street.

I can see how volunteerism can hold communities together.

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  1. Because of volunteers on festival planning committees and running the actual events, the festivals I produced became annual institutions even as funding dwindled.

    • I’ve thought of you Sumi while lining up volunteers. That is just one place where I have to get volunteers. I’m actually working with the Monterey Arts Council as volunteer coordinator, but I’m on loan to the First Night Monterey, the group that also produces the Greenfield Harvest Festival. The Festival is Oct. 20th, so it’s close, and most of my time has been spent there. However, I still have many commitments with AmeriCorps, including one today. Once AmeriCorps slows down with training, etc., I can devote more time to the projects. There are many short events, such as gallery hosting, etc.

      The job is for ten months, and then????

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