Little over three weeks until show time

I have about three and one half weeks to recruit about 50+ volunteers for the Next Generation Jazz Festival, and I have five so far.

But today, I made hundreds of calls and sent emails out to former volunteers, and got some good leads.

The soldiers who volunteer from time to time, are ready to help out, as I found out most of them enjoy the work, but they, too, just like high school students, need volunteer hours.

I talked with one soldier today, and found out he’ll be at Ft. Carson, Colorado close to the time I’ll be in Colorado, but we’ll both be busy doing our individual activities.

I had most of the office by myself today, and the quiet was wonderful. Tomorrow I go to another office and recruit volunteers for other events, but not as many.

I’m going to have breakfast with one of the volunteers before heading to the Carmel office. She is a woman, close to my age who specializes in immigration law. I want to hear all about that.


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