Little artists


Today was a day to celebrate peace with families in the Cesar Chavez park in Salinas. It was in East Salinas, ground zero, so to speak.

It was the first peace day and the committee has promised an annual event.

Little kids came to the booth for art projects and they were all very cute and highly concentrated on their work of art. One of the young artists created this portrait of me.

There were two other  boys, around 10, who captured my heart. They knew it.

They said they would be back and they did come back to say hello. One of the cute little fellows had a fedora and sunglasses. He reminded me of a movie star of the 40s in miniature. HIs friend dressed normally for a ten year old and it was obvious that he found his friend with the fedora, a prankster and funny.

Fedora kept dropping things and the wind blew his hat off once. His  friend, a handsome guy,  just laughed at the fedora boy and helped him chase after his hat. He pointed out where other things dropped by Fedora, had landed.

I had the feeling this mini Lewis and Martin team has had many adventures similar to this one today. They made the day for me.



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