Three train changes, two bus changes and now I’m in Liechtenstein, one of the smallest countries in the world.

The train cruised quietly past rolling hills and mini forests that were in fall splendor, and the hills got greener and greener as we got closer to Liechtenstein.

One of many fall trees

Then all of a sudden there they were: the snow capped Alps.

The last bus was in Liechtenstein and to make certain I’d get off the right stop for the hotel I had prearranged, the driver agreed to tell me when to get off the bus.

After climbing higher away from the capital city, Vaduz, and closer to the mountains, the bus stopped and the driver walked back to tell me it was time to get off the bus. He took my two suitcases and put them on the sidewalk. He then got back in the bus and left me standing, wondering where I’d find the hotel.

Then I saw a large yellow van that was a delivery service of some kind. The van stopped at a stop sign and I waved a note at him and he rolled down his window.

“Do you know where this is?”

I don’t think he understood English, but he knew what I wanted and told me to get in, he’d take me there. It was about 500 meters away. I wouldn’t have found it by myself.

I went in to the hotel and it was silent at the restaurant inside the hobby.

I hollered hello. Hello? No one answered. Hmmm, wonder what I should do now.

Soon a small man came in and found me wandering around. It turns out there are two restaurants with two hotels attached, and they are owned by the same people.

He didn’t speak English, but we went together to the other hotel lobby, where he found my paper work. I signed the papers, and he walked back with me to the room.

He told me dinner would be served in the restaurant next door around 4 p.m.

I settled down in the room, a nice clean place with a yellow comforter and matching pillow.

I took a nap and then went to the restaurant, that was slowly filling up with noisy people at the bar.

A church across the street from my hotel

It’s strange how in this German environment, I feel quite at home even though I cannot speak the language.

The waitress was dressed in a long skirt with a vest and full sleeved blouse, which looked like a modified version of the old costume of the village.

My hotel window looks out to a small farm with cows grazing and the other side of the mountain range.

from my window

The Alps are in front of the hotel and seem to never end. There are fall colors all the way up to the snow caps.

The dinner began with a creme and white wine soup. It was delicious. The second course was a spinach dumpling kind of dish with mushrooms and pepper.

Tomorrow I’m going to sign up for one more night here, so I can walk around some more, and head to the main city to have a look.

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  1. Laureen….my grandfather never talked about his home land…but Bob really told us a lot about it when he went there some years ago. I hope you can hook up with Maria….. I remember her when they visited with Bob and Mary…..
    Waiting for your report…..

  2. Laureen, all caught up on your blog. I’ve been busy with my Art Quilt Tahoe trip ( with my own 24 hr version of food poisoning on the way to Tahoe, so it didn’t interfere with my workshop time), so I got behind in keeping up with your travels. Good to hear you survived the”tourista” , and the opinionated Swiss lady, and the hike she led you on in your weakened condition.

    I wanted to comment on a couple of your photos that I thought were outstanding in your entry about the camel ride to the Sahara. The first was the movie star guide — the colors were a great combination. And the second was the one of the camel shadow as you rode — great composition!

    Really enjoyed your entries and photos. And good to see photos of you happening more often.

    Anna Mae

    • Hi Anna Mae,

      Thanks for the comments on the photos. I think I have a feel for what will work, but still need more technological knowledge.

      I’m pretty much well over the stomach problem. It was really awful. I’m now in the little country, Liechtenstein. It’s awesome here; fall colors galore and white snow capped Alps.

  3. Wow, Lichtenstein looks like my kind of place: small, clean, and gorgeously pastoral. I’m eager to “see” the main city. Thanks so much for this exciting Adventure-Blog. What a luxury to sit in comfort and to be taken on your journey. Thanks! m-e

    • Thanks M-E: Everything about the capital city looks new. The stores offer high-end goods and there are so many banks I couldn’t take photos of all of them. The whole country is the financial capital of Europe…maybe the world.

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