Leaving Cork on Friday

The area where I stayed

All signs are in Irish and English

One more day in Cork and on Friday I leave for Macroom to visit with Tine and

Dermot O’Hare. They are friends of my friends, Kemberlee and Peter Southland, who I spent a few days with last month.

I look forward to meeting them in person, as we have been emailing back and forth for awhile.

So Friday morning, I’ll leave Cork for good, but will take away fond memories of the good people who stepped up to help me whenever I looked confused.

I also want to give credit to the staff of the Kinlay Hostel who are awesome workers, who do everything they can to make the place run efficiently and clean.

It’s a tremendous job to keep a place as large as this to run smoothly, with people from all over the world, speaking different languages, with different needs and desires.

The staff was very kind to me; the best hostel I have been in so far.

Losses so far on my four month journey – has it really been that long? – and how I think they got lost are, a gold earring; it went down the drain in the hot pot in Thorshovn, Iceland, a vest; lost in the back of a taxi (I think), and a pair of pajamas. What? How did they get lost? I have no answer for that one.

But today, I purchased another pair in town, which will be my last trip into the city business section.

Early this morning I went to one of my favorite restaurants before any one else had arrived and had a scone, clotted cream and raspberry jam, and a cup of cappuccino.

While I read the morning news – by the way, the papers are still those large pages we used to know way back when – I came across a name and had to ask the waiter who was from France how it was pronounced. He got an Irish coworker to explain.

Blaithnaid Ni Chofaigh will be the morning talk-show hostess on television. The Ni part of her name signifies that she is the daughter of Chofaigh, the name of her father.



The Kinlay Hostel

3 Responses to Leaving Cork on Friday

  1. Oh, please, how delightfully decadent: a scone, clotted cream, raspberry jam, and a cappuccino? I’m sooo jealous! With all the walking you’re doing, you’re probably more fit than you’ve been for years, so you can have your treats and enjoy them to the fullest. Good for you!

    • I have lost in size, enough so that I outgrew two pairs of pants. Better than that,however, I’m stronger. After sitting so long in front of a computer and never moving, if I gain anything out of this, it will be that I’m better fit.

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