Leaving Casey tomorrow

Casey, the sweet lady dog and I will part tomorrow. Kelly is coming back from Japan and Casey will be a happy little girl.

I’m anxious to hear all about Kelly’s time in Japan. She’ll have lots of stories, I’m sure.

Where am I going?  Well, I’m going to stay in a motel in Hollister tomorrow night and then the next day, I’ll be checking out two living situations. One on the CSUMB campus and one near the beach in Monterey. I ‘m supposed to be getting some help from the campus housing, but they are dragging their heels. So I may just opt for one of the two I see on Friday.

Then, I’ll go back for the night in Hollister, and then to Santa Cruz where I’ll house/cat/garden sit, and then that will overlap with the job by about one week. So I’ll commute for a week; not a big deal, it’s only one hour to Carmel, that is if the traffic isn’t too bad.

My job officially starts on Sept. 7th, but I’ll sign all the government red tape on the 4th. Then, I’m beginning to see that I’ll be winging it for the next ten months, as I work hard at getting volunteers and pro-bono officials involved. I think I’ll be pretty much on my own, which, to me, is the best way for me to work.

While I’m settling in to a new job, a new living situation, a new age, I’ll be working on the new book about my yearlong journey.

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