Leaving and arriving

I’m leaving Siem Reap in 15 minutes for a long day drive back to Phnom Penh and then on a tuk tuk to the Wat where I’ll finish out the last week.

On Saturday, I go to the city and spend the day and night and then leave on Sunday for Colorado!

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  1. and you will be at DIA @ 6:04 on the 14th still, correct?

    • No Lori, I arrive on Monday, the 11th. It’s confusing the way the itinerary reads. But it is Monday the 11th at 6:04 p.m.

      If you cannot pick me up on Monday, I’ll find something close by and you can pick me up whenever you can. Let me know.

      I’ll be happy to see you whenever we can get together. Love, Aunt Laureen

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