Learning to be a tourist

Andy and I attended the huge CMT (Caravan Motor Tourism) Stuttgart public exhibition for leisure and tourism.

It was held inside the 100,000 square meter space at the Stuttgart airport.

More than 1,900 exhibitors gave information, tips and anything you would want to know about how to plan the perfect trip or vacation.

Beautiful, expensive looking kiosks were set up with nearly every corner of the world  represented.

We picked up  many brochures, CD’s and spoke to people in the know in places such as Croatia and Turkey and many other places in a world, a world that continues to look smaller and smaller. The U.S. was represented showing the country and where to go to be a dime store cowboy for a time, for example.

There was a nice woman, an artist, showing her art work at the Serbia booth. She had hand painted book-markers and was trying to give me one. I didn’t understand at first. I thought she was trying to tell me to purchase some of her artwork.

Then I finally understood. It was a gift. Along with the bookmark, she handed me her brochure.

Zuzana Veresky was born in 1955 in Padina, and now lives in Kovacica. She has painted since her childhood. The first picture was painted on her mother’s petticoat.

She is an established “naive art” artist and shows her work in Slovakia, Spain, Israel, Cyprus, Belgium, Tunisia and Germany.

The main projects have her participating in Paris – UNESCO – Geneva – UNICEF – New York – United National,  Brussels, Strasbourg, European Union, Vienna – OSCE – Washington – IMF – Shanghai and the World Expo 2010.

Aside from meeting this lovely artist, I especially enjoyed the German booths. Here they had singers dressed in lederhosen and singing German folk music.

The Ireland kiosk when we walked by were getting ready for live Irish music.

I also enjoyed the Mongolia country booth. We spoke to a man and I mentioned the throat singers, and he immediately began to demonstrate his talent as a Mongolian throat singer.

All throughout the space there was ethnic food and drinks.

We made our way to the Stuttgart airport and the exhibition by train. It was one stop and there we were. Europeans have it over the U.S. with transportation that can take you anywhere.






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