Lazy me

It was a lazy day for me and one where I recuperated and regrouped from several days of a lack of sleep. We need to do that once in awhile. But, I began the day, walking slowly to the Kringlan Shopping Center about one half a mile up a slight hill covered with blue lupin and dandelions. Hey, don’t talk bad about dandelions when you see them in a hillside of lupin, the colors are the sun and sky.

At the Shopping center my goal was to find a pair of trousers. Icelanders have become trend setters, with fashions that begin with tight, tight pants or leggings. Then over the leggings are several layers of tops, one showing below another one.

Not what I wanted, not at all; I need jeans or pants with a wide leg at the ankle and definitely not tight. The jeans I have worn here have gotten too big and it’s time to replace them. I finally found a pair after a nice young clerk cased the store to help me.

So I’m not a trend follower and that’s all right. The jeans are army green of the label “Boyfriend” and were produced in, you got it, China.

After the jeans purchase, I bought some cheese, bread, jam, grapes and Indian Tonic water to snack on later. When I got hungry and all that was left was the bread, I ate that with some good Icelandic Ice water from the tap. I thought about prison food, where the guys in the “hole” are only given bread and water, and figured they were treated pretty well. Bread and water is good.  However, it must be French bread, of course.

Tomorrow, I’ll head down to the main part of the city and see what’s going on.


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