Laughing with the family

I had a wonderful time last night at Larry and Sue’s house in Aromas with Bobby and his girlfriend, and Treva – who I haven’t seen for months, and Brad, Debby, Brandon and Michael – (who came all the way from Iowa), and, son, Ronnie.

We laughed, played the gift game, ate and left with love in our hearts.

I am so proud of my sons, and the good men they have become. They just amaze me…and I thank God for the gift of those three guys.

I’m also proud of my grandkids who are all productive and good people.

I’ve been blessed.

2 Responses to Laughing with the family

  1. Lauren…….and we think having YOU for a mom has had much to do with who your sons are !
    God bless them……every one !
    Paula and Bud

    Wishing you a happy,happy Christmas !

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