Laughing is good for your soul

Brad, Debby and Brandon showed up where I’m house sitting for Kelly and her doggy, but too late to see Marilyn (Kelly’s mom).  So they all played ping pong in the ping pong room in back of the house. They picked cherry tomatoes, ate bunches of them and loaded up bags of tomatoes and other vegetables from the garden before they left.

We all went to a restaurant, ate delicious food, made the waiters work hard, and we all laughed till we got silly. I plied the three with stories of my youth, some that Brad never heard before, and some about him when he was younger. Those made Debby and Brandon laugh the hardest.

It’s great when the grandkids are old enough to tell them just about everything, because then they understand that you’re not perfect, made mistakes but survived and now can laugh at it.

One of those stories was during Halloween, and I took Brad and his brother Larry to a meeting, and the lady of the house told them they could have some of her daughter’s candy. Well, they had some all right, nearly all of it.

“They ate nearly all of XXXX candy!” She shrieked. So when we got home I told them to put most of their candy in a bag and we would take it to her house.

Brad stood bravely at the door, handed her the candy and said he was sorry.

Larry hid behind the house.

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  1. Laureen……loved your Halloween story !
    I would have been with Larry……behind the house !!!

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