Kelly’s house

Hi folks! Moving on again.

I’m at Kelly’s house in San Jose. Kelly is the daughter of my friend, Marilyn, who lives in Felton. Kelly is going back to Japan where she was an English teacher for two years. She’ll be gone for two weeks.  Kelly is amazing. She is an accomplished musician, teacher, juggler – and even traveled with a circus for awhile. She was featured in a fashion show I produced one time in the Salinas Mall.

I have known Kelly since she was around ten years old and now I’m am astounded that she is the round number of 50. That’s how long I’ve known the family.

Kelly has a lovely home and a nice garden in the back yard. My job will be to make certain everything gets watered as described to me.  I’l also take her dog, Casey on walks twice a day. Kelly’s brother, Kenny lives nearby, so it’s not like I’ll be totally on my own here. I can call on him if needed.

So, I’m in San Jose, and afterwards, I’ll be in Santa Cruz for nearly a month. Then the job begins in Monterey.


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