Justified anger

I cannot go into the details, but I was righteously angry today. It always come with regret a few minutes later, however, this was needed.

Sometimes you have to wake someone up.  Someone who has been a bully far too long. I think I scared the person and myself, as well. I left early and bought myself some chocolate.

There have been other times in my life where anger took a turn.

One time in Holland, I got so mad at my husband that I took off walking and walked all the way to the heart of town, and when I wanted to catch a bus back home, they had stopped running and I found that I had no money, anyway.  I walked back. It was a long walk getting to town but walking back seemed longer. My husband didn’t say anything, but, “did you have a good day?” He was supposed to stay mad! We ended up laughing. I didn’t buy anything that day because I left in such a hurry, I didn’t take any money. If I remember right, I stayed in the library most of the time.

That was around the same time the woman below us in the apartment started throwing dishes at her husband in the back yard. The shards of dishes were in their courtyard for weeks before she finally picked them up. I can only hope her dishes broke for a righteous reason.

But when is expressed anger okay?


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