Just thinking…

I’m sitting in a mansion high on a hill in the Colorado mountains.

But reality is setting in. My one year journey is over. The Arts Council with AmeriCorps is over. The Cambodian experience is over. I only have one more full day here, and then I’m off to Montrose, Glennwood Springs, Lakewood, Saratoga, Wyoming, and then back to California. Why California, when Colorado is my home and cheaper rents? My kids were taken to California when they were little, and now it’s their home. I need to be close to my kids and grandkids as I get older. I need them, and hopefully, they need me.

Now what?

So far, homelessness isn’t so bad, but I’m thinking about the next steps to finding a place to live. My criteria is to rent an apartment, either one bedroom or a studio. I have worked for around 66 years and I don’t want to put in my time into someone else’s adventure. I want my own adventure, which would include a place where I can set up a sewing machine, and a computer, and all of my ‘stuff’ that I have been paying for, in storage. And…here’s the challenge: I will do all of this on my social security income and whatever I’m able to create on my own.

I want to make batik ties and other items from the sewing machine and I want to finish my journal book. I have many other columns that I wrote for a newspaper, that I’d like to turn into a book and I have written children’s stories that will find a way into books, as well.

So, is it possible that someone 77 years of age, could find a reasonable place to rent? I am relatively healthy; I pay my bills on time; my credit is good; I have talents and skills; and



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  1. Laureen…..where do you plan to settle ?
    MAYME just moved out of the place she was living in….Gonzales…… Small place at the Ep.Church….

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