Just an average morning in Fatih – Istanbul, Turkey

Seen from a birds eye view in Fatih – Isantbul, Turkey. I’m upstairs eating breakfast while watching the world go by beneath me. A music video screams while ladies move in suggestive ways with little clothing, while below me, I see:

Ladies modestly dressed in black covered up to their eyes- billowing capes and long gowns: purple, blue, white, blue and green, turquoise, lavender and white and green buses stuffed with humanity – picking up more humanity; men with scull caps – some with long coats; man uses a cane to cross against on-coming traffic; motor scooters delivering goods; bright yellow taxi’s speeding – don’t you know the faster they go, the more money they make (?); scarves of all colors and patterns on 95% of the ladies’ heads; stone mosque with long stone steps to the top, stores underneath the mosque; four and five story buildings with shops beneath and apartments above; maroon van delivering vegetables to the restaurant down below; ambulance with siren blaring and light flashing begging vehicles to move; young boy pulls behind him a canvas bag full of what (I don’t know); a helicopter circles above; birds nesting in trees that are sprouting leaves.

Added this just this morning:

The hotel man knocked on my door and asked if I was ok. “Yes,” I said. Then he asked me to move to another room. Okay,now here’s what they wanted. I was in a room with two beds, which gave me extra space for my suitcases. Now they wanted me to move to a one bed with barely a space to store myself much less my luggage. “It’s better for you, Madame.” “How can you say it’s better for me?”
“We have people coming and need the room with two beds.” “Oh, so I move to a smaller room and it’s better for me?”
“Yes, Madame. Is that okay for you?” Well, I told him it wouldn’t be better for me (was he kidding?), but I’d do it for him. He gave me a hug. What salesmanship. It’s a cheap hotel and what the heck, I know they are trying to make something out of nothing, here, so I’m now in the room that’s no bigger than a cell in Soledad Prison. I only have tonight and two more nights. I thought about another hotel, but that would involve finding something better and a taxi ride, to boot. I’m doing my part here to portray the good American.
P.S. My room has a balcony, but don’t let that excite you. It sits over the utility room where the cleaning lady stores her stuff.

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  1. Paula and Bud

    Laureen…..they can’t call you the Ugly American…….giving up your room for a view over the utility room. What a trooper !!
    Count down……..3 to go !!!
    Paula and Bud

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