John Coltrane kept me awake

Ron, my son, and I left Half Moon Bay today, early for San Francisco for the John Coltrane Church service that was held at the Grace Cathedral Church. BEfore we left the area we had lunch in Princeton.

Then up to San Francisco and we didn’t get lost, hurray!!But we were really early and had to stay busy for several hours on Nob Hill. We went to the Grace Cathedral Church just to check it out first. The stained glass windows are worth a trip inside just to see them. The Cathedral is very European and San Franciscans are lucky to have it. Ron and I stepped around cable cars and trudged to the large hotels near the Cathedral to sit, rest and watch people.

Then we decided to go to the top of the Mark Hopkins Hotel, clear to the very top where you can see the city from above. Ron said it looked like a bunch of square boxes.

Then we sat for an hour inside the cathedral to wait for the event to begin.

Finally at 7:15 African dancers accompanied by drummers danced down the aisle. Rhythmic, wild arm and body movements and dressed in African garb, we felt like we were right there in a jungle with them.

The horns, jive piano playing,  drums, harp, harmonica, tap dancers, singers and hollering and flinging arms, and celebrating the holy ghost, was mesmerizing.

John Coltrane is considered a saint by the African Orthodox church, because of his musical talent and religious beliefs and promotion of peace for all peoples. They do know how to celebrate. They used the Cathedral to spread the celebration to the most people possible, even though their own church is housed elsewhere in the city. The Grace Cathedral Minister greeted the audience and said their mission was to welcome everyone into their congregation.

It was one welcoming party, for sure.


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