I started the recruitment for the Next Generation Jazz Festival. This event features some young jazz musicians that just blow you away with their talent. They come from all over the country and the world to get some experience and learn from the older professional jazz musicians.

Many great musicians started right here at this festival. My son Ron and his high school jazz band got to participate in this event and in the larger venue, The Monterey Jazz Festival, as well.

I naively asked one of the staff members how one could get on the board of the Monterey Jazz Festival and was told it’s only offered to rich people. Yea, well, I guess that’s why Clint Eastwood is there, as he has been for many years.

It would be a dream to be asked to sit on that board. Can you imagine? I asked if there were scholarships. Ha, that got a big laugh.

Well, anyway, my job for the next month and one half, is to line up folks to help the musicians to get where they’re supposed to be, and to help with the public, telling them where they should go for various musical offerings.

We will have some soldiers from the Defense Language Institute there to volunteer. These soldiers have proven to be hard working people, and a lot of fun, too!



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  1. Bringing in money is one of the requirements of board members of many arts nonprofits. Also they like celebrities who can draw attention to the cause.

    • Education with this business never ends. Thanks Sumi for your insight!

      Seeing the Jazz Festival from where I am is sure different from a reporter’s point of view.

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